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Do you want to prevent burnout and help your employees improve their well-being? Did you know that resilience and happiness can be taught? This inspiring and fun PlayShop combines the science of Happiness theory with the online Uppiness Game.

In this interactive session, participants will:

✔ Learn Positive Psychology: Learn Tal Ben-Shahar’s SPIRE framework (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual,            Relational, and Emotional Well-being) and evaluate your current status.
✔ Play the “Uppiness Game”: Interactive and fun online game to maximize learning to enhance your and            others’ happiness.
✔ Reflect: Debrief the game experience and statistics, recap of the tools learned and when to use them.            Q&A.
✔ Commit: Lasting change requires action distilled into rituals. The final step is to identify your                            commitments and determine how to incorporate them into your daily routine.


  • This Happiness Booster session is beneficial for all employees.


  • Up to 4 hours. This Session is usually virtual via Zoom, because during the session participants also connect via a web-based game table hosted on Uppiness. In-person hybrid versions can be arranged.


  • Improve your team members’ ability to solve actual workplace challenges. Encourage a positive organizational culture. Improve team communication. Boost employee engagement.


  • Hedinn (Héðinn) is a Chief Happiness Officer and Uppiness Trainer with access to this Game Software. There will be a certified facilitator for each group of 6 participants.

3 minutes glimpse of the Uppiness Game:


World-famous Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar and Organizational psychologists Dalia Feldheim and Oren Appel – have developed an exciting game for organizations. It is an interactive and fun online game that boosts happiness at work by enabling participants to learn tools and solutions from the sciences of happiness at work and positive psychology.

The game is played at virtual tables with 6 participants. You have both individual and collective goals. The personal objective is to collect as many Upper tokens as you can to win. The group objective is to solve as many game challenges as possible. In the beginning of the game, players select their strengths (the game supports both VIA Strengths and Clifton Strengths classification) and get assigned four random cards representing the solutions they can propose in 4 positive psychology areas:

✔ Physical solutions

✔ Intellectual/Mental solutions

✔ Relational/Social solutions

✔ Emotional solutions

Strengths and solutions are then used to address two types of challenges:

✔ Questions – work-related dilemmas that need to be solved

✔ Actions – energy-increasing tasks that need to be done.

A game can last 60 to 90 minutes depending on the number of rounds and participants. At the end of the game, there is a debrief session to discuss learning, solutions proposed, and commitment to actions.

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