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What is Harkn for?

The employee listening and wellbeing platform Harkn helps you listen to your workforce. It gives everyone a voice and provides you with real-time feedback and, most importantly, early warning on employee well-being.

In this Q&A video, Harkn Founder David Bellamy answers vital questions about the platform and its applications within St James's Place Wealth Management plc. - What is Harkn for?

  • How does it support SJP's culture

  • How does Harkn help us with our sense of community?

  • What's the right frequency for using it?

  • How anonymous is Harkn?

  • How do flags work?

  • How does Harkn help SJP look after the wellbeing and mental health of its people?

It was recorded for an internal conference in October 2021.

For more information click here

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