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Hello and good morning!

Friday, the last day of International Week of Happiness at Work has arrived and it's the last day of new Global Happiness at Work Summit content! I hope you are enjoying all the great content, interviews and information sheets.

If you haven’t had as much of a chance to watch and learn, don’t worry! Your free access runs all week (including the weekend) so you have another 3 full days to watch as many of the videos and access the content during the whole International Week of Happiness at Work. If you’re feeling like you’d like some more time - you can always upgrade your access at any time!

The aim is always to get you thinking, but ultimately to get you DOING. Happiness at Work is something WE DO.

Our next highlighted theme is DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION

Nowadays there is a lot of attention on diversity, inclusion, and equity. And it turns out that there is a relationship between the increase of diversity at work and the increase of happiness at work. But diversity is not only about the outside characteristics like gender, age, sexual preferences, ethnicity and so on.

Diversity is also about how to cope with different perspectives, opinions and ideas in organizations? How do you make decisions and how do you take the opinions of minorities into account?

Interviews with f.e. Kay Formanek and Arthur Woods.

I hope you have a happy Friday and a very happy weekend!

Please don’t forget to email with any thoughts or questions.


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