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Happy World Kindness Day

It´s World Kindness Day (November 13th 2021) and boy oh boy the world needs Kindness, Happiness, Joy and Gratitude!

I want to introduce "The 'Be The Ripple' movement" to my readers.

On their website it says "The 'Be The Ripple' movement was born in May 2020 to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, which this year had a theme of 'Kindness'. The theme is in perfect harmony with what 'Be The Ripple' is hoping to achieve"

The movements mission is simple:

"to create a ripple effect of kindness that will operate collaboratively across sectors to pool resources, share ideas, share what works with regard to kindness in practice and develop strategies that are effective and can be shared. Professionals inspiring other professionals and acting as a catalyst for positive change to our working world."

Let´s join forces and Be The Ripple! Join the community of Be The Ripple on Slack

Kindness, Happiness, Joy and Gratitude is better together!

In The 'Be The Ripple' movements first introductory episode, you'll meet Joanna Suvarna and Scott Leiper who talk about 'Be The Ripple'.

Be The Ripple (

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