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Day 3 of the International Week of Happiness at Work and the Global Summit!

Happy Wednesday!

Welcome to Day 3 of the Happiness at Work Summit. Hope you had a great start to your week! What have been some of your favourite interviews and actions? Have you also checked out the online and in person live events?

If you haven’t had as much of a chance to watch and learn, don’t worry! Your free access runs all week (including the weekend) so you have 7 full days to watch as many of the videos and access the content during the whole International Week of Happiness at Work.

The aim is always to get you thinking, but ultimately to get you DOING. Happiness at Work is something WE DO.

Each day you will get an email to highlight the themes - to give you a reminder of all the amazing content it´s on offer.

The next highlighted themes are sponsored by Happ Consulting Services who have really got behind their theme on Money and Happiness at Work.

Money & Happiness (at Work)

In this theme, we explore the age-old question of whether there is a link between money and happiness. Does money make us happier? Does being happier make us more money? How does purpose fit into the puzzle? And how do cultural differences have an impact on these answers? We're making it rain (answers), so tune in to learn more!

Presentations - Speakers & Topics:

1. Matt Phelan: Money as an Output

2. Ozge Koca: Facts and formulas that might link happiness and money

3. Killian Wawoe: Can bonuses make people happy at work?

4. Alex Edmans: Grow the Pie: How great businesses deliver both purpose and profits

5. Stijn Derynck: How can you become financially healthy?

6. An intercultural debate on the link between happiness and money.: Belgium, Turkey, Malaysia, Canada & US (with Griet Deca, Ozge Koca, Eliza Goh & Tia Graham).

7. Our favourite book recommendations on happiness and money

How Does My Access Work? As a Live Pass holder you have until 26th September to watch the content for the Global Summit.

Not getting enough time to dive deeply into the content as you like? Or more MEETINGS than you hoped? Upgrade your access and extend your time to have a full 12 months to view the content.

I hope you have a happy Wednesday and please don’t forget to email with any thoughts or questions.


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