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Day 2 of the International Week of Happiness at Work and the Global Summit!

Happy Tuesday!

Welcome to Day 2 of the Global Happiness at Work Summit . Hope you had a great day yesterday and were able to join us some of the recorded/live events!

If you signed up for free access, remember it runs all week (including the weekend) so you have 7 full days to watch as many of the videos and access the content during the whole International Week of Happiness at Work.

The aim is always to get you thinking, but ultimately to get you DOING. Happiness at Work is something WE DO.

Access all content today by signing up, for free!

Each day you will get an email to highlight the themes - to give you a reminder of all the amazing content we have on offer.

The next highlighted themes are sponsored by Happiness Lab who kindly sponsored today's highlighted themes of Psychological Safety & Mental Health and Happiness.

Psychological Safety

Research shows that psychological safety is one of the most important factors for creating a happy workplace culture and high-performing team. But what exactly is psychological safety, and does it mean the same thing across all organizations around the world?

Presentations - Speakers & Topics:

1. David Bellamy: What is Psychological Safety and how do go get more of it?

2. Ellen Grove: Agile working & Psychological Safety: how good questions and great conversations contribute to Psychological Safety.

3. Helen Lawrence & Andy Fisher: How to get more psychological safety in a team?

4. Sandy Mamoli, Kenny Baas Schwegler & Evelyn van Kelle, Carla Furtado, Pushalatha C., Hedinn Sveinbjornsson, Eliza Goh about 'Psychological Safety over the world' and how do you get a psychologically safe team?

5. Maartje Wolff and Fennande van der Meulen: the theory of Psychological Safety explained in 23 minutes

6. Our favourite book recommendations on Psychological Safety

7. 7: Jennifer Moss: the important role of trust for creating a happy workplace

8. 8: David Marquet: about how important it is for leaders to give clear intentions and give trust.

Mental Health & Happiness at Work

In this theme we look at the connection between mental health and happiness at work, and the importance of building a resilient workforce. We talk to experts on what organisations, leaders and employees can do to improve mental health at work in a strategic and sustainable way.

We also look at the differences in how mental health is perceived from culture to culture around the world.

1. Janice Litvin - Banish Burn-out

2. Sheona McGraw - The link between mental health & happiness at work

3. Round Table discussion: mental health prevention in the workplace

4. E-book: 11 Tips to Boost Your Resilience

5. Partner Testimonial - Mental health in the workplace from Dubai

6. Our favourite books on the topic

Hope you have a happy Tuesday and please send an email to with any thoughts or questions.


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