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Already Day 4! Don't miss it!

Thursday is here already!

I hope you are enjoying all the great content, interviews and information sheets.

If you haven’t had as much of a chance to watch and learn, don’t worry! Your free access runs all week (including the weekend) so you have another 4 full days to watch as many of the videos and access the content during the whole International Week of Happiness at Work. If you’re feeling like you’d like some more time - you can always upgrade your access at any time!

The aim is always to get you thinking, but ultimately to get you DOING. Happiness at Work is something WE DO.

Today the highlighted theme is FLEXIBLE WORKING sponsored by Nooks . You can see many of the interviews being held in a Nook!

This year more than ever flexible working is driving many conversations in and around the world of work. In this theme the discussion is flexible working in all its aspects - from the 4 Day Work Week, flexible leadership, management and what it takes to make a change to become a truly flexible organisation.

Speakers & Topics:

1. Alex Soojung-Kim Pang: How to take a design thinking mentality to work less and do more.

2. Sophie Bryan: Flexible working, applying a Montessori Mindset to leadership in organisations, and what does it take to make real and sustainable change.

3. Sarah Jackson, OBE: The flexible approach: why hasn't it taken off yet?

4. Case Study with Signhild Thorne of Baobab Batik: Flexible Management -The importance of shifting management from command and control to ownership.

5. Iceland: A review of flexible working and the 4 Day Work Week with Hedinn Svenbjornnson and Sonja Yr Thorbertsdottir

6. Hanging out in Nooks: Why flexible and hybrid working can be helped by technology.

7. Downloadable Instructions for Implementation of Reduced Hours Daytime Work

8. Our favourite book recommendations on flexible working.

How Does My Access Work? As a Live Pass holder you have until 26th September to watch the content for the Global Summit.

Not getting enough time to dive deeply into the content as you like? Or more MEETINGS than you hoped? Upgrade your access and click here to extend your time to have a full 12 months to view the content.

I hope you´ll have a happy Thursday and please don’t forget to email with any thoughts or questions.


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