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Our learning modules combine entertaining and serious content at the same time. They contain practical exercises that engage and energize participants and let them experience the message – not just hear it.

There is a constant shift between presentation, videos, reflection, dialog and exercises so that participants receive the message in many different forms. You might even get to hug (or elbow bump) a colleague, or a stranger!


Number of participants: No upper limit.

Duration: 1-2 hours.


The modules give participants everything they need to start creating a happier and more productive workplace, including:

  • Knowledge about happiness at work based on the latest research.

  • Specific tools they can start using right away. We try several of those tools as part of the keynote.

  • The energy and will to actually make a change.

  • A great, positive shared experience.


The exact contents depend on your group’s needs and interest. We will go through the most important points about happiness at work and give participants a solid grounding on the topic. Contents include:

  • What is happiness at work?

  • Why is happiness at work so important for each of us?

  • Why happy companies make more money.

  • What makes us happy at work – and no, it’s not raises, bonuses and perks.

  • The most pernicious myths about happiness at work,


  • As soon as you make the booking we will send you a confirmation so we have all the practical details and pricing confirmed.

  • We will also arrange a telephone conference where we can learn more about the audience, the current situation of the workplace and what participants should ideally take away.

  • We can also measure the participants’ happiness at work with an online survey. The survey only takes 2 minutes to complete and is 100% anonymous and confidential. It gives us an insight into the strengths and challenges of the group and helps us further tailor the content. We will show the results as part of the keynote.

  • What makes us unhappy at work and how to avoid it.

  • My happiness at work is my responsibility. I can’t just sit around and wait for my boss or my coworkers to make me happy.

  • Simple tools anyone can use to become happier at work.


  • The day after the module we will send you all materials, including slides, videos and a selection of relevant links/articles. All of this can be shared freely with participants and it’s important that you pass it on to them as soon as possible.

  • A week after the event we will arrange a telephone conference where we will give suggestions to how your workplace can act to follow up on the keynote.

  • 2-3 months after the event we can measure participants’ happiness at work again using the same survey to see how much it has gone up.


We can include your specific topics in any module, depending on the group’s needs and interests. 

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