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Vision 2Happiness

A world where happiness at work is the rule rather than the exception.

Mission 2Happiness

To enable anyone and everyone to be champions of happiness at work.

Our programme is entirely bespoke to your organisation, we know that all organisations start from different places, and needs are specific for their challenges. Our programme is flexible and can get to work straight away on your biggest challenges. To inspire, create organisational change on a large scale, or work with individual teams and their challenges.


We work with you to provide keynotes and workshops to inspire your organisation to put people at the heart of everything we do. Read more about our Learning modules.

Organisational & Cultural Change

Real change takes time. Using a bespoke combination of keynotes, leadership training, workshops, and internal happiness training courses, we first inspire, then embed happiness and people at the heart of your organisation. Giving ownership and knowledge to your teams so they learn how they can create happiness for themselves, and for each other.

Team Coaching

Our coaching programme works to energise team members and embed the desired change into team culture. A group coaching programme which increases individual motivation, connection between team members and a deeper understanding about how people work. The coaching programme works to increase psychological safety within the team, by building trust between team members and leaders and is a way to tap into the power of personal purpose to create the desire and energy for change.

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