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Harkn is all about listening to your workforce. It gives everyone a voice and provides your company with real-time feedback and, most importantly, early warning on employee well-being.

The work world has changed. The way we work, where we work, how we manage people, and what people expect of their employer has all changed dramatically. 

What it means to be a great employer or manager has changed, and that means your managers need better tools to help them understand and respond to employee needs and feedback. 

  • Companies need to understand the day-to-day experiences and individual contexts of their employees.

  • They need to move upstream on matters of wellbeing to spot individuals at risk of burnout before pressures become harmful.

  • They need better tools to help them listen to their workforce.

As Harkn addresses these challenges;

  • helping companies listen to their workforce,

  • giving everyone a voice,

  • providing them with real-time feedback,

  • valuable data, and, most importantly,

  • early warning on employee well-being  (both individual and collective)


2Happiness is partnering with Harkn and looking forward to help organisations  improve their culture and/or performance. 

Try Harkn for yourself 


Join Harkn´s Community Zone to experience the listening and wellbeing solution for yourself. You'll enjoy access to the daily check-in routine, the Happiness Wall, Pulse surveys, Dashboards, My Tracker, and our journaling tool, My Reflections.  

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