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Hedinn (Héðinn) Sveinbjörnsson

One does not get appointed as a nation’s Chief Happiness Officer. It’s a choice - about how I want to serve my country and community, and about addressing something critical that’s missing in society.

Listening and gratitude are those things that are missing, especially in the workplace. Add those two things, and positivity and productivity take off. Leave them out, and work becomes routine, performance mediocre.

A Chief Happiness Officer is foremost an educator, and when I completed the international study program organized by Woohoo, a global workplace leadership community, I noticed the thread that ran through my MBA studies here in Iceland and my undergraduate education in Denmark, where I focused on social education.

In December 2019 I participated in a International Chief Happiness Officer Academy where I was blown away about happiness@work and found my "next calling in life".

The goal - and the focus I bring to each of my clients - is the pursuit of "a world where happiness at work is the rule rather than the exception." This goal is pursued on the back of a proven methodology "to enable anyone and everyone to be champions of happiness at work."

When I learned that UPPINESS had developed an exciting game for organizations I decided to become a Qualified Upper. The Uppiness Game is an interactive and fun online game that boosts happiness at work by enabling participants to learn tools and solutions from the sciences of happiness at work and positive psychology.

There’s also the opportunity to influence the broader conversation about happiness in society, which, in a small way, I approach through my podcast.

My commitment to bringing happiness to the work place - based on measurable improvements in listening and tangible applications of gratitude, is built on a strong foundation at home. I am indeed grateful for my wife and my twins (a boy and a girl) and they test and train me in listening all the time.

Owner of 2Happiness


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